• detail Crazy, Stupid, Love - Blu-ray
  • detail Crazy, Stupid, Love - Blu-ray
  • detail Crazy, Stupid, Love - Blu-ray
  • detail Crazy, Stupid, Love - Blu-ray

Crazy, Stupid, Love - Blu-ray

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Czech title:
Bláznivá, zatracená láska
Crazy, Stupid, Love [USA, 2011]
CZ dabing, CZ titulky
czech czech Dolby Digital 5.1, english english DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, francouzský Dolby Digital 5.1, italský Dolby Digital 5.1, hungarian hungarian Dolby Digital 5.1, German German Dolby Digital 5.1, polish polish Dolby Digital 5.1 VO, russian russian Dolby Digital 5.1, turkish turkish Dolby Digital 2.0, španělský (Kastilie) Dolby Digital 5.1
czech czech, english english for the deaf, arabic, danish, finnish, french, hebrew, Dutch, croatian croatian, italian for the deaf, hungarian hungarian, German German for the deaf, norwegian, polish polish, portugalské, romanian romanian, Russian Russian, greek greek, slovenian, spanish (Kastilie), swedish, turkish turkish
118 minutes
16:9 2.40:1 1080p
Carrier (platform):
Čsfd rating:
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Medium (platform): Blu-ray Runtime: 118 minutes

Forty-year-old Cal Weaver (Steve Carell) is living the dream - he has a good job, a nice house, great kids and his high school sweetheart for a wife. But when he discovers that his wife Emily (Julianne Moore) is cheating on him and wants a divorce, his "perfect" life takes a turn for the worse. What's worse, Cal finds himself in the single world, only he hasn't dated in decades, so he experiences one setback after another.

He spends his free evenings alone in a local bar, where he drowns his bad mood. Cal is taken in by Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling), a handsome athlete in his early thirties. To help Cal forget his wife and start a new life, Jacob opens up a whole new horizon for him: flirty women, men's rides and a new style. Cal and Emily aren't the only ones looking for love.

Cal's thirteen-year-old son Robbie has a crush on seventeen-year-old nanny Jessica, who in turn has her mind set on Cal. Despite Cal's "re-creation," his heart can't be remade, and that seems to be what keeps leading him back to where he started...



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