• detail Chlapec, který se stane králem - Blu-ray
  • detail Chlapec, který se stane králem - Blu-ray

The Kid Who Would Be King
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Czech title:
Chlapec, který se stane králem
The Kid Who Would Be King [Velká Británie, 2019]
CZ dabing, CZ titulky
czech czech Dolby Digital 5.1, english english DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, španělský Dolby Digital 5.1, portugalský Dolby Digital 5.1, hindský Dolby Digital 5.1, hungarian hungarian Dolby Digital 5.1, polish polish Dolby Digital 5.1 VO, Thai Thai Dolby Digital 5.1, turkish turkish Dolby Digital 5.1
czech czech, slovak slovak, english english for the deaf, spanish, portugalské, arabic, bulgarian bulgarian, kantonské, croatian croatian, greek greek, hebrew, hindské, hungarian hungarian, icelandic, korean, malajské, chinese, polish polish, romanian romanian, serbian, slovenian, thai thai, turkish turkish
120 minutes
16:9 2.40:1 1080p
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Enjoy the legend of King Arthur in a gripping story for the whole family set in the present day. Young Alex is one of those young men that everyone dares. But one day he finds the legendary sword Excalibur and, under the guidance of the wizard Merlin (Patrick Stewart), begins to prepare for his career as a knight.

But first he'll have to turn his school enemies into allies to become someone he never dreamed possible - a leader who can defeat the dastardly Morgana and save the world...



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