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Bob Marley: One Love

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Czech title:
Bob Marley: One Love
Bob Marley: One Love [USA, 2024]
CZ subtitles
english english Dolby Atmos, francouzský (Paříž) Dolby Atmos, italský Dolby Digital 5.1, japonský Dolby Digital 5.1, hungarian hungarian Dolby Digital 5.1, polish polish Dolby Digital 5.1
czech czech, english english, french (Paříž), Dutch, italian, japonské, kantonské, korean, hungarian hungarian, mandarin (Tchaj-wan), polish polish, slovak slovak, thai thai
107 minutes
2160 HDR 16:9 LB 2.39:1
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4K ULTRA HD Blu-ray
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At the beginning of Bob Marley: One Love, we meet the title character (Kingsley Ben-Adir) at a point when he is already a Jamaican national hero. An eternal idealist and tireless promoter of his native island, he is plagued by the pervasive violence fomented by two main rival political camps and their affiliated criminal gangs.

Somewhat naively, Marley dreams of staging a giant concert that will bring all the current enemies under one stage and, with the help of his music, make them bury the hatchet. Before that dream can be realised, violence knocks on the door of his house. His wife and manager are seriously injured in an attack by an armed gang. This takes the blinders off Bob's eyes and he realises that Jamaica is not the country he wants to raise his children in at the moment. They move to Europe, to England, where the dreadlocked boy in the typical knitted hoodie isn't looked upon with much curiosity.

But if a man is a brilliant musician, he will make it in an environment that is capable of putting him in jail just because of his looks. Paradoxically, it is here, on islands that could not be more different from his native one, that his career takes off in a way that rightly earns him a place among the most influential musicians of the twentieth century...


Music: Kris Bowers

Script: Terence Winter, Frank E. Flowers, Zach Baylin, Reinaldo Marcus Green

Cinematography: Robert Elswit

Production: Robert Teitel, Ziggy Marley, Cedella Marley, Rita Marley, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner

Bonus features:

  • Over 50 minutes of bonuses

  • Omitted and extended scenes

  • The Birth of Bob Marley

  • Bob Marley´s story comes to life

  • Cast

  • Locations Jamaica and England

  • Band


Some texts are translated automatically



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