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Czech title:
Anomalisa [USA, 2015]
CZ dabing, CZ titulky
czech czech Dolby Digital 5.1, english english DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, polish polish Dolby Digital 5.1, russian russian Dolby Digital 5.1, Thai Thai Dolby Digital 5.1
czech czech, english english, estonian, hebrew, hindské, icelandic, korean, litevské, latvian, hungarian hungarian, malajsijské, mandarin, mandarin (Tchaj-wan), polish polish, portugalské (Evropa), romanian romanian, Russian Russian, slovak slovak, thai thai, turkish turkish, ukrainian ukrainian
90 minutes
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Michael Stone makes a very successful living as a life motivator, i.e. as a person who explains to even the biggest loser how to live, to be at his best, to be happy, successful and satisfied in life. Michael can give advice to others, but not to himself. He has no idea what to do.

He has just arrived in Cincinnati to positively motivate attendees at a convention for customer service agents. He checks into a hotel that's the same as all the others he's been to over the years, goes through a series of learned rituals, and might well have chased away his temporary identity crisis with booze and sleep if he hadn't met Lisa Hesselman, an extremely shy sales manager who is a big fan.

Lisa puts the zest back into Michael's life, mainly because she is different, breaking out of the uniformity of other people. Ironically, it is this inability to fit in that bothers Lisa immensely about herself. She would like to change this, but there is an acute danger that if she ceases to be the anomalous Lisa, that is, the Anomalisa, she might lose Michael too...

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16:9 2.40:1 1080p



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