DOPRAVA V ČASE PŘEDVÁNOČNÍM (DO 22. PROSINCE) - Dorazí nebo nedorazí? Těžký kvíz, který při nákupu na e-shopech řešíte každé Vánoce - ačkoliv u nás ve Film-Game
stíháme expedovat dárky obvykle do druhého dne, zásilky mohou nabrat cestou zpoždění. Čím dřív objednáte, tím větší rezervu na doručení (a klidnější Vánoce) máte.

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Czech title:
Doom [USA / Velká Británie, 2005]
CZ dabing, CZ titulky
czech czech 5.1, english english DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, russian russian 5.1, portugalský 5.1, španělský 5.1, German German 5.1, polish polish 5.1 VO, hungarian hungarian 5.1, Thai Thai 5.1
czech czech, english english, German German, bulgarian bulgarian, croatian croatian, spanish, hungarian hungarian, portugalské, polish polish, turkish, icelandic, romanian romanian, slovenian, thai thai
Country of origin:
113 minutes
16:9 2.35:1
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Action shooter enthusiasts have spent countless nights poring over three episodes of the legendary computer game Doom. The time has come for a film adaptation to follow in the game's footsteps. A science team working on a remote outpost on the planet Mars has begun sending increasingly unpleasant messages to Earth. The results of the experiments are disturbing, the ranks of scientists are mysteriously thinning, and so the government has no choice but to isolate the base in the strictest quarantine and send a rapid response unit to Mars - elite marines armed to the teeth to find out what's happened and eliminate any threat.

At least that was the original plan. But the reality is beyond our worst imaginings. For the research team, through uncontrolled experimentation, has managed to literally open the gates to hell, from which have emerged hordes of horrific monsters that prowl the base's corridors, destroying all living things. Is there any human power to stop this horrible nightmare?



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