• detail Doba ledová - Mamutí kolekce 1-4 (4 BD) - Blu-ray
  • detail Doba ledová - Mamutí kolekce 1-4 (4 BD) - Blu-ray
  • detail Doba ledová - Mamutí kolekce 1-4 (4 BD) - Blu-ray
  • detail Doba ledová - Mamutí kolekce 1-4 (4 BD) - Blu-ray
  • detail Doba ledová - Mamutí kolekce 1-4 (4 BD) - Blu-ray

Doba ledová - Mamutí kolekce 1-4 (4 BD) - Blu-ray

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Czech title:
Doba ledová - Mamutí kolekce 1-4
Ice Age - Mammoth Pack 1-4 [USA, 2012]
CZ dabing, CZ titulky
český český 5.1, anglický anglický DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1, slovenský slovenský 5.1, bulharský 5.1 (films 1-3)
české české, anglické anglické, slovenské slovenské, bulharské (films 1-3)
Country of origin:
353 minut
16:9 2.35:1
Čsfd rating:
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ICE AGE (2002)

Once upon a time. Not so long ago, barely 20,000 years ago, in a prehistoric world where it freezes to a crisp, the story of the mi-mi-migration begins. But how is one supposed to know it's about the Ice Age and not, say, the Freezing Times or the Big Chill? Well, take a look at our heroes! Their faces are downright icy. And the move is quite a chase, especially when the animal team - a mammoth, a tiger and a sloth - find a human cub, a very cute human, and decide to return the little guy to his parents. During their adventurous journey, the animals have a lot of worries about how to feed themselves. The mammoth has to be careful not to get stepped on. And they have to defend their bodies. He's not fat, it's the hair that makes him look that way. The tiger needs to preserve its tiger gravitas. And he's got a lot of relationship issues to work out. And what's the order when a sloth changes partners like socks? Oh, boy, the mammoth, he's loyal. It's gonna take a change at the end. How about "global warming"?

ICE AGE 2: THAW (2006)

In Ice Age 2, our heroes return from a sub-zero environment: Manny the woolly mammoth, Sid the sloth, Diego the sabre-toothed tiger and Scrat the prehistoric rat. Our foursome of heroes are still sticking together and enjoying the benefits of a world in a state of thaw. They live in a primitive version of a water park, packed with water slides, wave pools and lots of animals enjoying the sunshine. Manny sees families sticking together around him and feels ready to start a family of his own. But no one has seen another mammoth in the area for ages, so Manny fears he may be the last living specimen of his species. But then he meets Ellie. The good thing is, Manny has met the last female mammoth in the world. The bad news is that Ellie is having trouble understanding her identity, which makes a lot of extraordinary demands on Manny. Luckily, he has Sid and Diego to help him through the purgatory of wooing...


The heroes of the sub-zero environment return to have another incredible adventure, this time in a story called Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. The new "Ice Age" takes the protagonists and the audience into the vast underground world of dinosaurs. It's a colourful landscape full of lush vegetation that is a stark contrast to the frigid environment of the first two "Ice Ages". It is a land of danger, of huge creatures, of mammoth-eating plants, a land of mysterious places. The eternal underdog, the prehistoric ratman Scrat, is about to have a fateful encounter with the ratwoman Scratte. Mammoths Manny and Ellie are expecting the first addition to their family. Sloth Sid gets into trouble again after starting his own family with found dinosaur eggs. Diego the sabre-toothed tiger faces the dilemma of becoming too much of a wimp alongside his friends. Moreover, when the dinosaurs appear, Manny ceases to be the "king of the jungle". Also, everyone gets to meet Buck, a one-eyed weasel who relentlessly hunts dinosaurs...


The beloved mammoth family of Manny, Ellie, their teenage daughter Peaches, sloth Sid, sabre-toothed tiger Diego and wacky rat Scratch return to our screens after three years for a thrilling new adventure. For it is Scratt, with his passion for acorns and hiding them, who causes a disaster of unprecedented proportions. He manages to plant his acorn in such a way that the ancient Pangea begins to crack and break into continents and, thanks to the movement of the lithospheric plates, our prehistoric party is split apart. Ellie and Peaches remain on one continent, and Many, Sid and Diego are swept by the current on an ice floe deep into the open ocean. No matter what it takes, our three brave friends must get back home, and in the process, many great adventures await them. Not only do they have to brave storms, tidal waves and sea monsters on the way back, but they also have to cope with their first time living together on one small cruise, and so we can look forward to a number of comical scenes full of mutual banter. Coincidentally, Sid's grandmother also ends up on their makeshift boat, which they have created out of an iceberg, and is rescued by the group in the face of the waves. Already, it looks like our group of friends will be rescued when a boat emerges from the mist, only the odd crew on board have no intention of helping our friends. On the contrary, they are all captured and get into even more trouble...


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