• detail Doba ledová 5: Mamutí drcnutí - Blu-ray

Doba ledová 5: Mamutí drcnutí - Blu-ray

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Czech title:
Doba ledová 5: Mamutí drcnutí
Ice Age: Collision Course [USA, 2016]
CZ dabing, CZ titulky
český český 5.1, anglický anglický DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1, slovak slovak 5.1, španělský 5.1, bulharský bulharský 5.1, chorvatský 5.1, hungarian hungarian 5.1, korejský 5.1, srbský 5.1, slovinský 5.1
czech czech, slovak slovak, english english pro neslyšící, španělské, bulharské bulharské, chorvatské, hungarian hungarian, korejské, srbské, slovinské
Country of origin:
94 minut
16:9 2.40:1
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If any period of Earth's history can be described as a very interesting time, filled with all sorts of catastrophic events, a time that tests everyone's ability to survive, to work for the team and also their strength of character, then it is definitely the Ice Age. No matter what. Whether it's the first, second or fifth. And it's in the fifth installment of one of the most popular animated film franchises that we meet all the old familiar heroes again, and a few brand new ones.

Here comes the ice event of the year and with it the mammoths Manny, Ellie and Peaches, a sloth named Sid, Diego the tiger and the marsupials Crash and Eddie. Did we forget anyone? Of course - the most important one, Scrat the squirrel. He, as is his unfortunate habit, in an attempt to finally hunt down the ever-fleeing acorn, causes an accident that turns into a car crash and a complete disaster. It begins with the persistent Scrat being catapulted into space in his hunt for the acorn. And there, through a shaky mix of his proverbial clumsiness and unending bad luck, he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic, not comic, disasters.

Which also leads to a quite fundamental threat to our planet, which is suddenly struck by a thunderous asteroid, threatening the icy world and its inhabitants. And since our group consists of all unadulterated and intrepid heroes, it does not wait for its extermination, but embarks on a rescue expedition to the mysterious Geotopia, during which it will encounter not only many dangers, adventures and comic moments. They may get their blood running cold now and then, but that's mostly because of the cold, otherwise it's mostly fun. And will Scrat finally meet his acorn? Who knows...


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