• detail Crysis Remastered - Switch
  • detail Crysis Remastered - Switch
  • detail Crysis Remastered - Switch
  • detail Crysis Remastered - Switch
  • detail Crysis Remastered - Switch

Crysis Remastered - Switch

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16 fear violence
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The classic FPS game from Crytek is back. It features the action-packed gameplay, sandbox world and thrilling epic battles you loved in the first edition - now with remastered graphics optimised for next-generation hardware.

What starts as a simple rescue mission turns into a new war when alien invaders overrun an archipelago near North Korea. Players equipped with nanosuits can become invisible to track enemy patrols or boost their strength to demolish vehicles. Nanosuits offer speed, strength, protection and camouflage, allowing creative access to all types of combat, while a vast arsenal of modular weapons provides unprecedented control over gameplay. In the ever-changing environment of the vast sandbox world, you need to adapt your tactics and use the right weaponry to defeat your enemies.

Main Features
  • Put on your gear: the Nanosuit offers speed, strength, protection and camouflage and allows for a creative approach to all types of combat.
  • Adapt: In an ever-changing environment, you must adapt your tactics to prevail on all battlefields, from frozen jungles to alien locations.
  • Choose Your Weapons: A huge arsenal of modular weapons gives you unprecedented control over your play style, with options ranging from experimental weapons to alien ones.
  • Win: Realistic enemy AI requires a strategic and flexible play style. New challenges - including zero-gravity combat - require players to be proactive and go on the offensive.
  • Explore: Choose your own path through the open world of Crysis, destroying obstacles, using vehicles and exploiting the environment itself against your enemies.


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