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Coldplay - Ghost Stories Live 2014 - Blu-ray

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Orig.znění AJ - bez CZ titulků
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Every two or three years, the British Coldplay boast a collection of new songs. Their sixth has a Czech imprint. The booklet for the album is the work of artist Mila Fürstova, a native of Pelhřimov, currently living in the United Kingdom.

And musically? If each track were not so precise in arrangement and rich in sound, the Ghost Stories project is closest in mood to the first Parachutes album. It's melancholic, then.

All the threads to the cause of Coldplay's plunge into "sadness" lead to singer Chris Martin's break-up with actress Gwyneth Paltrow. We can't see inside the singer's head, but it's a possible reason. After all, the lyrics of the song Oceans seem to be a convincing argument.

The visuals of Ghost Stories set a trend in this area. It is not a standard concert recording, but a concert film shot in a Los Angeles studio. The frame storyline, the touches, the impeccable technical script and the instruction to the audience do not detract from the atmosphere of Coldplay's performance. On the contrary, it elevates it to an extraordinary spectacle. Just the intro with a levitating Chris Martin piques curiosity. However, the moment immediately after the end of Oceans is very impressive. Chris Martin rises up and... no, the moment is too powerful to give away...


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